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359 MW 
73 MW 
42 MW 
32 MW 
State of the power system
Consumption 9,773 MW
Helsinki 12 °C, Jyväskylä 6 °C,
Oulu 11 °C, Rovaniemi 7 °C
9/26/2017 10:07 AM

Read Fingrid Magazine Online!

Read the newest Fingrid Magazine Online! The main theme of this number is safety and cyber security. In the energy industry, interest in cyber training has developed in the wake of a thereatening situation.
Read also the interview of Tomasz Sikorski, VP and COO of Polish Transmission System Operator, the role of attitude and commitment in occupartional safety, environmental responsibility and many more.  

 Kuvan katselu ‭[3]‬

The operation of the Finnish electricity system belongs to Finland
Sweden and Norway have proposed Finland and Denmark a new model for the electricity system. The proposal includes a desicion-making structure according to which  Sweden and Norway would handle an essential part of Finland’s and Denmark’s system responsibility for the electricity system.
Fingrid doesn’t approve of the proposal which conflicts seriously with the Finnish and EU legislation. It would jeopardise the competitiveness of Finnish production and demand side flexibility  as well as the development of the entire Finnish electricity system in accordance with the National Energy and Climate Strategy.

 Kuvan katselu ‭[1]‬