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State of the power system
Consumption 10,795 MW
Helsinki 1 °C, Jyväskylä 1 °C,
Oulu 2 °C, Rovaniemi -2 °C
3/23/2017 8:06 AM

Fingrid's annual report for 2016 has been published

Fingrid's annual report for 2016 has been published. The online publication includes an annual report, consolidated financial statements and parent company financial statements, an auditor's report and report concerning Fingrid's corporate governance statement and a remuneration statement.
The annual report is available in Finnish and English on

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Fingrid Group’s Financial Statements Bulletin January–December 2016
The journey towards a new, more electricity-dominated energy system continues to gain momentum. During 2016, two important records were broken in the Finnish electricity system. In early January, the consumption of electricity throughout Finland reached the level of 15,100 megawatts.

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Fingrid's Open data service has been launched

As the first transmission system operator in Europe, Fingrid has launched a service that is open to everyone and is used to share information on the Finnish electricity system and electricity market. Open data refers to content and data in digital format that anybody can freely utilise and share without any charge.

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