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State of the power system
Consumption 8,169 MW
Helsinki 12 °C, Jyväskylä 19 °C,
Oulu 14 °C, Rovaniemi 10 °C
6/29/2017 6:45 AM

A roadmap towards achiewing a green power system

Let's continue the discussion of the potential development paths of the electricity market. We have compiled Fingrid's views on the issue. What is needed is extensive co-operation between electricity market stakeholders, both in Finland and internationally.  

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An example for Europe: joint-Nordic imbalance settlement for the electricity market launched
The joint imbalance settlement for the Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian electricity markets has been launched at the beginning of May. The joint imbalance settlement will boost the electricity markets over national market boundaries and is a step towards deeper integration of Nordic electricity markets. The imbalance settlement is carried out by the service company eSett Oy, jointly owned by the transmission system operators and based in Finland. 

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