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344 MW 
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State of the power system
Consumption 8,905 MW
Helsinki 10 °C, Jyväskylä 11 °C,
Oulu 13 °C, Rovaniemi 9 °C
9/29/2016 6:30 AM

Serving customers and society for 20 years

On the penultimate day of November 1996, Imatran Voima, Pohjolan Voima and the State of Finland signed the charter to found the transmission system operator. The deal signed on the last day of August in the following year, 1997, was the largest in Finnish history at that time. This is how Fingrid got its start.

Fingrid's anniversary magazine can  be read online in here.

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Report: Challenges and opportunities for the Nordic power system

The Nordic Transmission System Operators (TSOs) Svenska kraftnät, Statnett, Fingrid and are launching a report summarizing the shared views of the TSOs on challenges and opportunities affecting the Nordic power system in the period leading up to 2025. 

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