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900 MW 
993 MW 
525 MW 
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State of the power system
Consumption 7,892 MW
Helsinki 18 °C, Jyväskylä 17 °C,
Oulu 15 °C, Rovaniemi 11 °C
8/28/2016 3:03 PM

Report: Challenges and opportunities for the Nordic power system

The Nordic Transmission System Operators (TSOs) Svenska kraftnät, Statnett, Fingrid and are launching a report summarizing the shared views of the TSOs on challenges and opportunities affecting the Nordic power system in the period leading up to 2025.

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Change in the electricity system calls for new energy policy and market reinforcement

Fingrid is concerned about the current development and is presenting its own concrete measures to stimulate the electricity market in order to ensure that the switch to a low-carbon electricity system is achieved cost-effectively for society as a whole.

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